Angel Readings & Healings

Our services

Welcome, Dear One.
It is my heart felt wish to be able to use my spiritual gifts
in sacred service to the Divine.  By doing so I hope to be able to facilitate bringing you peace of mind.
Sessions can include:
  1.  Any questions that have special importance for you.
  2.    Have you been trying to have a child and cannot conceive?
  3.  Connecting with Departed Loved Ones

    Readings are not done using any form of cards or divination tool. Corrections or adjustments and advice are given to the client by the clients's spritual Guides (through the medium) in addition to advice given by the  Guides of  the medium.  If you choose to have a reading, you will be given instructions specific to your questions. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

    Ranges from $30.00 dollars to $120.00
    You will be told in advance the offering fee for the session.
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